MCR solutions has the label Swiss Made Software

Created in 2007, this label allows IT companies to certify, in Switzerland and abroad, the swiss origin of their software.

Switzerland’s image stands for values ​​such as quality, reliability and accuracy, particularly in advanced technology. This is why large firms such as Google or IBM have set up their subsidiaries there.

To receive this label, companies must be able to prove that the main stages of software production processes are carried out in Switzerland and also 60% of the production cost is generated there.

Since its founding in 2006, MCR solutions’ professional management software are exclusively created in Switzerland.

Our IT specialists can justify, in addition to their advanced skills in business computing, of extensive knowledge in business economy and are thus able to apprehend each of Swiss and international specificities to deliver added value software.

To learn more about our range of applications 100% Swiss, please visit the page dedicated to our software MCR-suite.