MCR-mandats is a modern tool able to efficiently manage the organization of all your projects and those of your employees. MCR-mandats adapts to any business that charges primarily time. To simplify your organization, each employee enters its activities in a single database, through a simple and intuitive web form or even a touch screen interface. The tasks can be charged to different mandates that you have previously defined: hours, description of the activities and associated costs. They will also enter their days of absence. MCR-mandats enables multi-company and multi-currency management, inter-companies billing, valuation of hours at cost or sale price with unlimited entries and integrates related documents (expenses, plans, …) through the electronic data management. MCR-mandats allows you to have a full visibility on the activities of your employees and your mandates ‘progress: worked hours, costs to be charged or refunded, vacations… Also the data transfer function to MCR-débiteurs or MCR-salaires offers a simplified management of your bills, wages and accounts and allows you to create detailed activity reports.