With the support of new technologies and many years of experience in the accounting field, we have designed this professional management software that combines modernity, performance and reliability not only to meet the high expectations of Trustees but also to offer every type of SMEs easy to use and adjustable at will tool for their accounting:

  • Very fast and efficient seizure with standard input keys
  • A wide range of customizable editions using many standards
  • A search function for any tab’s entries
  • Data can be exported in various formats (word, excel, pdf …)
  • Module cost accounting
  • Managing budgets
  • Multi-company (unlimited) and multi-exercises, multicurrency accounts with automatic revaluation and a clear and simple structure

Among many other qualities who make MCR-compta an ideal partner for accounting professionals. Permanent contact with practice and listening to our customers allowed us to develop this performing and easy to use tool integrated into our ERP: MCR-suite, which covers all accounting needs from SMEs to large Trustees.

Designed and built for trustees
and meets the needs of
all Swiss SMEs