SII: Inmediate Information System for Tax Agency

Easy, fast, secure does not require hardware investment, you will be always with the last version

¿What is the SII?

SII requires the electronic communication of the relevant data for VAT purposes of all invoices issued and received by the company, including simplified invoices or tickets, within a maximum period of 4 days.

¿Which companies are affected?

More than 62.000 companies across the country are required to adapt to the new SII system, including:






Companies that voluntarily want to join this new VAT book keeping system can also adopt SII.

¿When SII came into effect?

Any affected company must be operating with the new SII system from July 1, 2017, so if your company is affected it is recommended to implement it as soon as posible to avoid  possible sanctions by the Tax Authority.

From the 1º of january SII has been compulsory in the following areas of Spain :

  • Navarra
  • Guipúzcoa
  • Álava
  • Bizkaia

MCR SII: easy, fast, secure

MCR SII: always innovating

Finally, an electronic data exchange platform (EDI) designed for executives, financiers and administrators.
You can also review the status of your files sent to Hacienda easily and quickly on our new dashboard.


Perform all your transactions and view those already passed directly from your mobile device.



MCR SII: innovation


  • Integration with any ERP but it is also possible to manually upload tax information from an Excel sheet.
  • We adapt your invoice information to Tax Authority requirements
  • Continuous and automatically connection to the AEAT,
  • We generate all the files required for the SII:
  1. Issues Invoices
  2. Received Invoices
  3. Intra-Community Information
  4. Payments
  • Keep control over all transactions status:
  1. Register
  2. Modification
  3. Cancellation
  • Specialist in ERP and EDI processes, MCR Solution really has innovated, to offer you a simple solutions in our platform, but at the same time fulfills all the requirements of AEAT

SII Fonctionalities















Service & User Mode














We keep evolving...

Fiscal module comming soon

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¡Remember it’s already in effect since July 1, 2017!