We strive to provide value-added services and solutions to our customers. We are founded on a set of core values that guide us in how we do business in pursuit of our core purpose.


We are customer-focused:Blue eye on red background (shallow DoF)
  • We focus on communicating and delivering on customer need
  • We foster a collaborative relationship with our customers, listening to their needs and helping them define and implement the right solutions
  • We work for customer satisfaction and believe in building a relationship of trust


We deliver value and are results-oriented:
  • We transform complex problems to simple solutions
  • We actively seek to understand our customer needs to deliver the right solution
  • We approach all the projects with a strong focus on delivery performance: we make sure to achieve the project objectives and adjust the scope if needed, honour the deadlines and respect the budget.
  • We are committed to providing the highest standards of services, which is the key for a successful implementation and to achieve customer satisfaction


People are our most important value:

  • MCR solutions takes pride in having a knowledgeable and highly skilled team of professionals on-board, fully committed to deliver high-quality services
  • We foster a collaborative work environment and support innovating thinking
  • We offer our employees a pleasant working place and promote a positive atmosphere